whirlpool corporate philosophy


The Best Branded Consumer Products… in Every Home Around the World

The vision provides context to help us understand where we are going as a company. It provides a north star for the decisions that our company takes and helps us make short-term steps in line with our long‐term aspirations. Each word in our vision was chosen with intention:


We mean the best value creator. Importantly, we did not select the word “biggest”. We are the biggest and that is not insignificant, but the overriding objective is to be the best. The best size, scale, and the best performance for our customers, employees and shareholders. The best customer creator and the best place to work. The best leads to sustainability. It leads to a company that people are proud to be associated with: customers, employees, shareholders and communities.


Strong brand equity means we get paid for brand value. Brand means we play in target segments of the market and create demand to unique consumer segments.


Our target consumer is the end user in and around the home. The term “consumer products” represents the home. With that said, our vision may carry us to related spaces to the home, for example we may need to be in commercial spaces in order to be in the best in the consumer space.


We are a products company: we offer innovative solutions to consumers in the form of products.


World refers to where our company operates. The only way we can be the best is if every location of our company, throughout the world, is the best. Every team, department and group strives to be the best at what they do so our company can offer the best branded consumer products solutions. Who is the best in the world today? No one company is there yet. We want to create that space and then become the best. The vision is aspirational and helps us all know where we want to go in the next 10–20 years.

Our Mission

Create Demand and Earn Trust Every Day

This mission focuses on two basic things everyone in every job can do everyday – create demand and earn trust. This is how you create consumer loyalty. This is how you become the best.

Our Values

How we operate everyday is through our values-based strategy that represents who we are to our customers, our investors and to each other. And the way they represent the company demonstrates how we do business: the right way


We conduct all aspects of our business in an honourable way, recognizing there is no right way to do a wrong thing.


We do our best work when we trust one another and value the capabilities and contributions of each person.


By working together in an environment of teamwork, we will achieve exceptional results.

Spirit of Winning

We aspire to being a world-class competitor in every business & marketplace in which we participate, never settling for good enough or the status quo.

Diversity with Inclusion

We value diverse people, thoughts and ideas.  Inclusion allows everyone to operate to his or her fullest potential.

Our Culture

Whirlpool Canada is committed to a rewarding work experience and a dynamic culture that… culture

…inspires us to perform to our greatest potential,

–  High Performance

…challenges us to think in new ways,

–  Innovation
–  Continuous Improvement

…fosters open communication,

–  Team Spirit
–  “Best Idea Wins”

…and builds leadership and a sense of pride in all of us.

–  Leadership Model
–  Community Involvement
–  Brand Ambassador


The Power of 80,000 New Ideas


Relevant Solutions for Our Customers Worldwide

Innovation is a key strategy of Whirlpool Corporation, and an essential part of the company’s long-term growth. We believe that innovative thinking comes from anyone and anywhere within our company. Our people are focusing their attention on innovations that deliver real value to both consumers and shareholders. Our global organization is providing the resources and processes to help create innovation never before seen in either our company or our industry.

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